Street Fighter 6: These Two Producers Are Currently Working on the Game, and We’re Excited

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Now that Capcom has finally revealed Street Fighter 6, we are eager to hear even more about it. The company has also revealed a short teaser and logo, and then we’ve also learned that one of the producers of Mega Man and another one from Bayonetta is currently working on the game.

We didn’t hear much about the game, since the company has made the announcement that they will announce it in Summer 2022. Fans were eager to learn more finally, but we’ve only got a teaser trailer and some promises. But after that, two iconic Capcom producers have revealed that they are working on the game.

Who is part of the team?

Yusuke Hashimoto and Kazuhiro Tsuchiya are part of the team. Yusuke Hashimoto has revealed on Twitter that he is one of the designers on the game: “Street Fighter 6 finally got announced. I’m one of the planners and part of the team. Look forward to future announcements.”

He was one of the Capcom employees who became part of PlatinumGames. He is known for his work in Resident Evil and God Hand. At PlatinumGames, he was the producer of Bayonetta 1 and the director and character designer of Bayonetta 2. He then was the director of Star Fox Zero.

Kazuhiro Tsuchiya has also talked about him being part of the team, but he did not specify which role he was going to take.

Many people believe that Street Fighter 6 will fail to some extent. They have seen the game’s very generic logo design, and they think it’s going to be an esports-focused title, and they are not really happy about that.

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