Playstation 5 Games: Leaks We’ve Learned So Far

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People who have a PlayStation 5 always want to know what games are coming out for it soon, and we may have the answer to that. Thanks to Twitter users, we have a list of all the games that PlayStation is currently developing.

Here is all we know so far.


Camouflaj, the studio that made the highly rated Iron Man VR, is looking for people to work on a brand new AAA game.

Kojima Productions

It looks like Kojima Productions is working on more than one project. First, there’s a game that hasn’t been announced yet but has been teased several times through PS5 developer kits. They  are also working on a sequel to Death Stranding. Kojima has already said they’re revising the script for the game.  A Silent Hill game is said to be in the works, and Sony pays for it.


Arrowhead Game Studios said it was making a 3rd-person cooperative game for the next generation. Also, the leak from Geforce said that Helldivers 2 might be in the works. It’s possible that these are the same projects.


The team behind the widely acclaimed game Control, Remedy Entertainment, is said to be making a PlayStation-only game. A few years ago, Shuhei Yoshida, who was in charge of PlayStation Indies, went to Remedy Entertainment. This led to rumors about a new game, but when Alexis Guariguta, lead producer at Remedy, added XDEV + CODEV to his projects, it was almost certain that it was true. XDev is a part of PlayStation that works with studios to get games published on PlayStation.

Square Enix

There are rumors that Square Enix will be bought by PlayStation, but the company is already making a game that hasn’t been announced.

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