Apex Legends: Check Out the ‘Savior Battle Pass’ Trailer

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Apex Legends is once again going through some interesting changes, as the famous free-to-play shooter is getting its Savior Battle Pass.

A new great threat emerges in Apex Legends, and there’s no time to be frightened! Instead, you, as the player, need to see this as the chance to become a new hero in the game! If you don’t have what it takes to take down the new foes in Apex Legends, there’s also the possibility of teaming up with them. How much more versatility could you possibly ask for?

‘Saviors Battle Pass’ becomes available on May 10

You can already get your hands on the Saviors Battle Pass, which is also known as Season 13. Call it what you want! The update brings even more challenges to Apex Legends than ever before!

Here’s a relevant description coming from the game’s YouTube channel itself:

Get the Saviors Battle Pass and fight your way through Daily and Weekly Challenges to earn over 100 new rewards like Legendary skins for Fuse, Bloodhound and the CAR SMG, Epic sets for Pathfinder, Mad Maggie, and Newcastle, reactive skins for the Spitfire LMG and more! Or unlock the Battle Pass Bundle to instantly receive the first 25 levels and defend what you love in style!

With or without the new Saviors Battle Pass trailer, Apex Legends remains an incredibly fun game to play! There’s no wonder why the developers consider that their game takes place in an ‘ever-expanding Universe.’ There’s an immersive environment in the game where the story is always evolving. There are new maps each season, which can only mean one thing: in Apex Legends, you can never get bored!

The system requirements for those willing to run Apex Legends on a PC aren’t too demanding, either! You’ll need a minimum of 6 GB of RAM and a video card such as AMD Radeon HD 7730, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640, or something equivalent.

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