Dead by Daylight Chapter 24: All You Need to Know Right Now

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Dead by Daylight fans are already thinking about chapter 24 even though chapter 23 just came out. They are curious about who is going to play next.

Right now, we are still having fun and learning about Sadako and the real powers she has as a killer. But what will happen next in the next killer? Will BHVR make an announcement soon? Fans want something big to happen soon.

When will the next chapter come out?

From the leaks and when the other chapters came out, it looks like Dead By Daylight Chapter 24 will come out around the end of May or the beginning of June.

Most chapters are about 85 days long, but a few are longer, so the new one could begin on May 31.

Who’s the killer of Chapter 24?

BHVR hasn’t said who the killer for Chapter 24 will be. But there are a lot of leaks out there. So far, it looks like The Dredge is the most likely candidate to be the main leak. There are even screenshots of the killer in the game, and he looks pretty scary.

The Dredge can teleport between lockers and pull survivors right out of them, which is a pretty powerful ability. He is known as the personification of the dark thoughts of a community that used to be full of life. He makes healing survivors go blind and make them tired.

Herman Carter is also said to have learned a lot from the Dredge, whose real name is Otto Stamper. Before he was taken away by the Entity, the Doctor found him in a vegetative state as the only survivor in the institute.

The Dredge also has a special power that lets him throw the survivors into total darkness for 60 seconds and move faster when teleporting. If the survivors are able to destroy the last piece of the enemy at this time, nightfall will end sooner.

It’s important to remember that these are just rumors and could change at any time depending on what BHVR says.

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