Ark: Survival Evolved: Here Are the Full 2.72 Patch Notes

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  1. For PC:
  2. For PS4:

Players have received the Ark Survival Evolved update 2.72, and there are plenty of stuff to look for. The Lost Island expansion comes with bug fixes, and many more.
Studio Wildcard has launched a free expansion, called Lost Island, back in December 2021. The DLC came with a new location and new creatures to fight and tame. The latest update focuses on the issues with the new DLC, they’ve fixes bugs and solved some technical problems which caused crashes.
These are the patch notes. Don’t forget to check them out here.

For PC:

• Fixed some holes in lost island
• Fixed some crashes
• Fixed some exploits
• Fix loot crate spawns of Massive/Devious artifacts
• Fixed some clutter & foliage
• Fix for fertilized voidwyvern eggs not decaying
• Can no longer place dermis of creatures in taxidermy/training dummy if that creature is not transferrable to a given map
• Reduced fog while underwater
• Addressed some overspawning issues on lostisland
• Adjusted respawn map and global LAT/LON coords to be more accurate on Lost Island
• Fixed large beaver dams being invisible for some clients on Lost Island
• Adjustments & fixes to Amargasaurus
• Fixes to Sinomacrops
• Fixed an issue where some dinos were marked as not tameable in caves on Lost Island

For PS4:

• Fixed a problem where some of the creatures’ textures did not load correctly on the Lost Island.
• Fixed a crash.
• Removed ability to host a player-dedicated Lost Island server.

Ark Survival Evolved is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch, as well as PC. It is an action-adventure survival video game that was made by Studio Wildcard. You are stranded on an island full of dinosaurs and plenty of other prehistoric animals, as well as natural disasters and possible human players waiting to kill you.


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