Dell Launches the XPS 13 Plus Laptop That Features Haptic Touchpad

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Who said that the world of laptops doesn’t have anything new to bring? Dell launched its XPS 13 Plus model, and it can be interpreted as a redesigned version of its ‘cousin’ XPS 13. brings the news about Dell’s new toy, along with its list of impressive features. The highlight is arguably the haptic touchpad (Dell calls it a ‘haptic ForcePad’), and it was just about time when laptop manufacturers started to rethink the concepts behind touchpads.

Starting price: $1,249

Dell’s new XPS 13 Plus is a very portable gadget, considering that its chassis measures only 11.6 x 7.8 x 0.6 inches and weighs 2.7 pounds.

The starting price of Dell’s new XPS 13 Plus laptop begins at $1,249 if you’re a fan of the Ubuntu 20.04 distribution of Linux. By purchasing the laptop at this price, you’re also getting the Developer Edition. Surely there are many people out there who prefer Linux instead of Windows, and we have our deep respect for them.

Windows users weren’t forgotten as well by Dell when the company created the new XPS 13 Plus laptop. The gadget is also available with a Windows 11 copy installed at the starting price of $1,299.

A maximum of 32Gb of DDR5 RAM supported

Dell XPS 13 Plus has enough hardware power to assure that you won’t start complaining too soon. The gadget supports a maximum of 32GB of DDR5 RAM, a 14-core Core i7-1280P (4.8 GHz) processor, and up to a PCIe SSD of 2TB.

Engadget presents the laptop in more detail:

The description says the following:

The XPS 13 Plus takes it to another level, with a gorgeous design, full-width keyboard, better performance, and invisible haptic track-pad. The only downside? No headphone jack. Get ready for dealing with Bluetooth on Windows.

Feel free to tell us what you think! Would you buy yourself Dell’s new XPS 13 Plus laptop?

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