Swatch Creates New Dragon Ball-Themed Watches

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The decades-old Dragon Ball franchise has proven to be suitable for just about anything we can imagine during its long history. Whether we’re talking about toys, figurines, video games, phone cases, and a lot more, Goku and Vegeta are always there to delight those who love them.

Swatch is now proud to present new Dragon Ball Z-themed watches that would probably make any fan of the anime series happy as he sees them on his wrist. The watches are personalized with a few of the most important characters from DBZ. There are not just the good guys there. We can also see remembrances of the three biggest villains as well: Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu.

Thanks to HIGHSNOBIETY and Swatch, we have some relevant images of the new watches:

Credit: Swatch

Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans who never stops talking about his fallen Saiyan race and his ambition to surpass Goku, the one he always calls ‘Kakarot.’ This watch has taken the shield and colors of Vegeta’s outfit, but still, we have to point out that the shape of the fighter looks more like Goku than the Saiyan Prince. Was this an error?

Credit: Swatch

Gohan is the son of Goku, and he has always been gifted with tremendous fighting potential. When Gohan was just a 4-year-old boy, he showed a higher power than his father’s for a few seconds. Without such boosts of energy, Goku would probably have been dead after his fight against Raditz.

Slowly but surely, Gohan became one of the strongest Z warriors, especially during his adulthood.

Credit: Swatch

Master Roshi might have been just a feeble old man in the Dragon Ball Z series, but still, he remains one of the most important people who influenced Goku and his fighting techniques. Master Roshi was the one who taught our boy Goku the iconic Kamehameha wave long ago when the former was just a child.

Despite not being very strong, we can remember that Master Roshi knew how to perform the Mafuba technique. That was an extremely effective attack that allowed the user to trap the opponent in a small container. Roshi used the attack again, as well as other of his fighting techniques in the Tournament of Power arc from Dragon Ball Super.

Credit: Swatch

What Dragon Ball fan out there could possibly ever forget about Frieza? He’s the most iconic villain in Dragon Ball history and possibly even the biggest. He exterminated almost the entire Saiyan race without breaking a sweat. He tried to destroy the Earth a few times and planet Namek as well, but Goku was there to stop him. Frieza was revived from the dead a few times in Dragon Ball Super, and he’ll most probably play a more important role than ever in the upcoming arc, as he seems stronger than everyone.

Credit: Swatch

Cell was also one of the top-tier villains in DBZ, and he came back for more in the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. Cell was the creation of Dr. Gero, a mad scientist who wanted to create the ultimate fighting machine. He pretty much succeeded.

Dragon Ball is currently embracing the success of the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie that came out just a few days ago in North America. The film also has plenty of critics, it’s true, and even our publication has written a harsh review on it. The manga version of Dragon Ball Super is also preparing for a new arc, the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime is also expected to bring new material, and let’s not forget that the animated version of Dragon Ball Super is expected to come out next year. In other ways, Dragon Ball is still getting plenty of attention even today, at over 35 years since its animated debut.

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