GTA 4 Graphics Become Better Than Ever With This New Mod – Watch Video

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Despite being about 14 years old, GTA 4 is a game that will always remain alive in the hearts of many Grand Theft Auto fans. That’s mostly because of the particularities that make it different from any other game of the famous series.

But the graphics of a game launched in 2008 can’t possibly “survive” forever. Most gamers nowadays prefer other titles because of their higher graphics, while the gameplay itself is not so important. Whether it might be good or bad, it could be just a subjective thing. Modders know that lesson very well, which is why they keep overhauling legendary games such as GTA 4.

The ‘Ultimate Beautiful Edition’ mod becomes available

When it comes to a game like GTA 4, you can’t complain about too many aspects. But the graphics could surely have been better, although they were still on the top back in 2008 when the game came out.

One modder going by the name of ‘hip63’ has made another mod for GTA 4. You should trust his work also for the fact that he has made mods for other top games such as GTA 5, Cyberpunk 2077, and more. As for the new GTA 4 mod, we must admit that it looks pretty outstanding:

Are you already willing to get your hands on the new mod? Well, we don’t blame you. But you must keep in mind that you’ll need a minimum of 7.8 GB of storage space that’s free on your hard drive or SSD.

Niko Belic is the protagonist of GTA 4, as you probably already know. He was long demanded on other GTA sequels by the fans. That’s nothing surprising, considering that Niko is one hell of a character. While he wasn’t present in GTA 5, we can sure hope that Rockstar will add him to GTA 6. That would indeed be amazing, considering that the future GTA title will most likely be featuring three protagonists.


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