‘Metal Max Xeno: Reborn’ is Coming to Nintendo Switch

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Metal Max Xeno: Reborn is one of those JRPGs that can be played on pretty much any PC without having to worry if you meet the system requirements or not. The graphics aren’t the best of what gaming has to offer, but we have to say that they’re still pretty neat.

Metal Max Xeno: Reborn was also launched for PlayStation 4 consoles, meaning more chances to run the game. But the platform availability of the game will be extended even further, as Nintendo Switch players will get to enjoy the title as well soon enough.

Metal Max Xeno: Reborn launches for Switch on June 10

There’s a new gameplay trailer of the game that became available, and it confirms that June 10 will be a very special day:

The game’s description via Steam is pretty relevant if you want to learn a few things about the plot:

Humanity is on the brink of extinction and the last remaining survivors look to push back against the machines.
Half a century ago of war against the mother computer NOA has reduced even Asia’s largest metropolis, TOKIO, to rubble.
Explore this desolate wasteland and battle your way through onslaughts of enemies. Salvage, modify and hit back using tanks, weaponry and faithful battle dog, Pochi, to reclaim a future for the human race!

What gamer could possibly remain unmoved by survival games where he has to make his way through a desolated wasteland that has been through war? That’s what the game in question proposes, and we have to admit that it does it in a pretty convincing way.

It’s nice to see that the Nintendo Switch handheld console is getting more and more attention, as gamers are seeing it as a worthy competitor for the PlayStation or Xbox consoles. It will be interesting to see when and how the long run will end.

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