Behold New GTA San Andreas Mod That Improves the Game’s Textures

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GTA San Andreas is a game that’s almost two decades old. It came out in 2004 and left the world speechless due to its incredible level of gameplay. There are a lot of exciting things to do in GTA SA! If you’re done being a wrongdoer, you can also put on a police outfit and start catching those bad guys!

A modder thought it would be a good idea to add another GTA SA mod to the list of the other gazillion ones that currently exist. Just in case you’re in need of another mod that improves the visuals of GTA SA, you can try out this one as well:

GTA SA was an amazing game, and its immersive gameplay can compete at any time with the one of today. But we all have to admit that the graphics were very, very poor. But it’s 2004 out there, some would say, so what could you expect? We’re not contradicting them. But either way, those graphics were awful, PERIOD!

The modder was kind enough to explain what’s the drill with the change, as you might not notice anything different from the trailer:

This version is the best and the last of this mod, textures are so similar to the original that you might not see the difference because the only thing that this mod change is quality and texture resolution!

GTA SA follows the adventures of Carl Johnson (aka CJ) as he climbs the ranks to become a respected and high-level gangsta. He starts off with just a few bucks in his pocket and a very skinny physique. He’ll have to fight to gather notoriety, wealth, as well as a muscular shape. You can even make CJ improve his sex appeal so that more women will be attracted to him.



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