Spotify Brings Live Audio Programs for Users to Enjoy

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Spotify is currently one of the top services out there when it comes to searching for your favorite music and listening to it. It doesn’t matter too much what genre or artists you prefer – Spotify most likely has them all!

But even with a wide range of music genres and over 82 million songs, Spotify can still be improved. That’s something perfectly normal in life in general and in tech in particular – you can’t always be the best, as the competition is huge. There are so many music streaming services out there! Therefore, the famous company is bringing live audio programs, according to an official tweet from Spotify itself.

Livestreaming real-life conversations become possible

The feature has already been added to the app, and all you can do if you have an account is verify it for yourself! Artists, athletes, and creators frequently have all sorts of interesting discussions, and it would be a bit unfair to not get to hear them if you’re a die-hard fan who’s interested even in what those fellows eat at their lunchtime.

A blog post from Spotify’s website is crystal clear if you still have any doubts:

Spotify Live can now be found both as the stand-alone app listeners and hosts know and love, and as a livestream function in the Spotify app alongside your favorite music and podcasts. Listeners will be able to tune in to live programming on Spotify via the creator’s podcast or artist page, and if they want to participate in the chat or join the host onstage, they can head to the Spotify Live app to do so.

If, by some chance, Spotify Live is not yet available for your phone, there’s no use to become upset already! The rollout will probably take some time to reach every Spotify user.

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