GTA San Andreas: Finding Infernus Has Never Been Easier

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Do you all remember Infernus? The classic of the 3D Era? It was one of the fastest vehicles in the game, and San Andreas players were happy to hit top speeds in just a matter of seconds. The car was also very stylish, and you looked amazing driving one.

There are some places to look for the Infernus if you want to – and if you do find it, you need to put it into your garage as soon as possible.

GTA San Andreas has the second-largest map in the entire series, and there are plenty of locations to find the Infernus. And we’re here to help you find it.

The main locations

This car is not one to just appear in the streets, unless you’re in a highly affluent area. You have bigger chances to find it parked somewhere. Here’s where you can find it:

  • Los Santos (Downtown and Richman)
  • San Fierro (Paradiso)
  • Tierra Robada (Bayside Marina)
  • Las Venturas (Prickle Pine, The Strip, and Old Venturas)

There are two 100% reliable spawns: in Los Santos, you can find the car near a bridge, between Rodeo and the Flint Intersection. In San Fierro, it will be parked somewhere in Paradiso – look for the house at the most northeastern point.

Is Infernus worth it?

Infernus is one of the fastest vehicles in the game. It can compete with the Cheetah, and that speaks volume. The car has great handling, and it helps you when it comes to making sharp turns. It can also handle different types of terrains, as it has a good tire grip.

The problem is its low durability. It will literally break down if it takes too many hits. So make sure you avoid crashing it at all costs.

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