The GTA 6 Storyline Will Present Two Time Periods, New Rumor Indicates

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Although the wait for the sequel of GTA 5 seems unbearable, it’s only a matter of time until it is announced. GTA 6 is under development by the guys from Rockstar, and we can expect that a trailer will emerge in a few months.

Many had been speculating about the location of GTA 6, and most rumors indicate that we’ll get to deal with a return of Vice City if we play the game. Others are betting on both Los Santos and Liberty City. But not many have thought about the possibility of the storyline being split between two periods, which would truly be awesome.

1985 and modern times

The Gaming Bible publication writes about the new wild claim of an alleged leaker known as @Onion00048 on Twitter, who says that GTA 6’s storyline will be split between two time periods. Therefore, the first part of the action will take place in the mid-80s, while the other one will be placed somewhere closer to our times. The leaker also believes that the location of the game will have three parts: Vice City, Liberty City, and South America.

Only time will tell for sure if the man is right or not! Judging by other exciting rumors, GTA 6 should also bring a female protagonist, more enterable buildings, and a lot more exciting stuff.

The idea of two different periods in the storyline is not new at all in RPGs. Mafia 2, for instance, an old blockbuster game released in 2010, also presented something similar. Guess what? That’s one of the reasons why the fans loved the game! There’s no reason to be upset if the same will happen with GTA 6, although we all have to realize that a rumor is nothing else but a rumor. But hey, at least there are no rumors about the location of GTA 6 being set in some small town in Africa!

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