Ultra Ego Vegeta Looks Better Than Ever in New Dragon Ball Super Sketch

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Even since Goku achieved the Ultra Instinct transformation, it became clear to all Dragon Ball fans that Vegeta was outclassed tremendously. The Saiyan Prince could not have laid a finger on his old rival at that point. Goku was superior in every possible area. This marked one of those few moments in the Dragon Ball franchise when Vegeta was behind Goku without a single sign of doubt.

In general and throughout the Dragon Ball history, Vegeta has been pretty close to Goku in terms of power. Sometimes, the Saiyan Prince even surpassed the one he has always been calling “Kakarot”. It happened during the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z one or two times, for instance.

It was clear to everyone that the Prince of all Saiyans couldn’t possibly accept to be surpassed by Goku when the latter achieved the Ultra Instinct form. Therefore, Vegeta himself started to train hard on planet Yardrat in order to become even stronger.

What is the Ultra Ego transformation?

Vegeta has first shown his new Ultra Ego form during his battle against the bounty hunter Granolah. The Saiyan Prince was finally in a state that’s able to rival Goku’s Ultra Instinct. In fact., the fans have the right to believe that Vegeta has even surpassed Goku once again. The Saiyan Prince fought significantly better than Goku in that battle.

But perhaps Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form never looked better than this new sketch:

We’ll surely have a lot of opportunities during the Dragon Ball Super Manga to see Ultra Ego Vegeta at work a lot more. The Saiyan Prince seems to be enjoying this form a lot, and we’re curious if it will also appear in the upcoming film “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” that was supposed to come out in April. A recent hack of Toei Animation delayed the release, but we’ll find out more soon enough! Stay tuned!

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