‘Ashen Arrows’ is a New VR Adventure Game Coming to PC

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If Nordic mythology is your thing and you also have a predilection for VR gaming, you should consider giving ‘Ashen Arrows’ a try. That’s the moniker for an upcoming VR adventure game that’s on its way to PC gamers.

Those who are willing to play ‘Ashen Arrows’ will get that chance by grabbing the game from Steam. A demo version is already available so that you can see if you have the right gaming rig or not. Of course, your gaming machine needs to be compatible with the VR technology.

You can wishlist ‘Ashen Arrows’ now!

Although we know that ‘Ashen Arrows’ is coming soon, there’s no precise release date revealed. All we can do is wait or grab the demo to have an idea about what the game is made of.

Get a load of this description of the game courtesy of its official Steam page:

In times of great peril, even Gods might need the help of mortals. In such times, in service to their people, mere hunters – just like you – must harden themselves in battle to become legendary archers.
Archers, who are worthy of challenging not just brigands, fierce warriors or monstrous mythological creatures but even dragons!

Once you embark on the virtual realm of Ashen Arrows, you’ll get an immersive world that transcends traditional gaming boundaries. In this captivating virtual reality experience, you will be in the shoes of an Archer entrusted with safeguarding a base against relentless waves of various foes. With an array of skills, an arsenal of arrows, as well as a myriad of strategic modifiers at your disposal, the protagonist holds the power to shape destiny with every encounter.

In Ashen Arrows, you get the chance to unleash your imagination as you navigate through ever-changing scenarios, defying limitations and even embracing boundless potential. You can also traverse the ethereal landscapes of the narrated story mode, immersing yourself in the captivating tale of a valiant hunter on an epic quest toward the precipice of a world teetering on the edge of oblivion.

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