Dragon Ball’s Vegeta Moves Fantastic in New Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Say what you want about Vegeta from the legendary Dragon Ball franchise – that he’s arrogant, stubborn as hell, often gets beaten, and so on. But he’s surely one of those anime characters who had been through one of the most incredible transformations. And no, we’re not talking about the Ultra Ego, the Super Saiyan God, or the iconic main Super Saiyan form with gold hair. We’re talking about Vegeta’s transformation into a good person from the ruthless maniac that he once was.

Although the fans still wait for that glorious moment when Vegeta will become the hero of an arc for once in Dragon Ball, it seems that Toriyama still wants the Saiyan Prince to pay for the sins of his past. But luckily enough, the situation totally changes when we’re talking about video games. That’s where Vegeta can truly shine!

A modder thought that it would be a good idea to put the Prince of all Saiyans in a mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the fighting game where everything seems possible. And who are we to contradict him? Behold the outcome:

It’s great to see that the modder even added various transformations of the iconic Dragon Ball character! We’re so glad to see the very first Super Saiyan transformation once again, one that seems to have been forgotten in Dragon Ball Super.

When Vegeta was introduced for the first time in Dragon Ball, he had nothing else in his heart but pure hatred and selfish desires. He was willing to destroy anyone and anything that would stand in the way of his goals.

But slowly but surely, Vegeta changed into a whole new person who fought to save others. It all started with his love for his wife, Bulma, and his child, Trunks. However, the Saiyan Prince might be way too proud to admit it.


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