Valve to Work on 4 Secret Games: All We Know So Far

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Valve’s upcoming RTS-FPS hybrid, Citadel, has been teased by a data miner who has found some incredible details!

When it comes to games and announcing new projects, Valve has always showed that it is quite unpredictable. Although the company doesn’t create games on a regular basis, when it does, it is a big success for creators and a source of great joy for players.

If we exclude the Aperture Desk Job tech demo, Half-Life Alyx was Valve’s most recent game, which turned out to be a great success for the company’s first virtual reality headset, as well as the game itself.

Now that Steam Deck is no longer in use, the software team at Valve may have more time to devote to games. Indeed, the Aperture Desk Job data already mentions four other Valve projects about which we haven’t heard anything official yet.

Citadel is the one we’re learning the most significant leak about from this data mine. A new game from Valve appears to be a squad-based game with gameplay that is a combination of real-time strategy and first person shooter.

Citadel, as revealed by the data miner,  places users in the role of a commander, allowing them to have a top-down RTS view of the map and send their squads – their teammates, which are referred to as Bots. According to the commander’s wishes, each set of bots can be managed independently and given distinct powers, or they can all be programmed to follow a single pattern.

This, on the other hand, is the RTS portion of the game. According to reports, gamers will be able to take control of any of their bots on the battlefield, allowing them to play the game as a first-person shooter!

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