Minecraft Beta Patch Notes: All You Need to Know

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Minecraft Bedrock Edition’s newest Beta and Preview have just been released. It includes the Deep Dark biome but it does not yet come with the Warden. This is an excellent opportunity to explore without actually worrying about encountering one of the game’s most lethal mobs.

There is a slew of additional improvements in the game as Mojang gets closer to the much-anticipated 1.19 release, which is set to come later this year. Here are the patch notes for the current release, detailing what gamers may expect.

These are the patch notes is the most recent Beta and Preview version. Many gamers have already downloaded and started playing, so there’s lots to look forward to in this week’s preview.

The official release of the Deep Dark in the experimental features area is one of the greatest new things this week. Sculk will be everywhere, and the room will be dimly lighted and silent. Except for the Warden, no other creatures will be able to spawn there in future versions.

They also made the following changes:

  • Axes attack raised shields and they will cause the shield to be disabled for five seconds
  • The Allay will take a pause before finding other items, after they’ve delivered old ones.
  • Allay is immune to danger from its owner.
  • We got boats with chests, similar to minecarts with chests
  • Allay will only pick up the exact item it is holding.

As Mojang tries to improve the game even further, there are a number of issue fixes:

  • Healing no longer causes a mob to be immune to damage.
  • Baby hoglins are now hostile to players.
  • Fixed cases where the “Highlight Always On” option was visible.
  • Sensitivity is no longer too low in new touch control schemes.
  • Mining a layer of snow in the same block as a flower no longer breaks the flower.
  • Fixed an issue where underwater lava lakes were not turned into Obsidian during world generation.
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