A Wild Theory to Connect Elden Ring to Bloodborne & Dark Souls

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Fans of Elden Ring have proposed a theory that links the game’s endings to games Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

If you’re an old Souls player, you probably already know that these games have various endings. Dark Souls 3 has four alternative endings, whereas Bloodborne has three. Sekiro also had some unique endings, and all of the bosses you meet near the end of the game were there because of the ending you chose.

What’s the deal with this theory?

When it comes to the lore of Elden Ring, there have been varied reactions so far. While some see it as one of the greatest in the genre, others say it falls short of the standards set by games like Bloodborne.

To make sense of the game’s endings, players are coming up with their own hypotheses, and two intriguing theories have tied the game’s finale to Dark Souls and Bloodborne.According to the initial theory, the ending of the Lord Of The Frenzied Flame is connected to Dark Souls. This is because the flame that appears at the end is similar to the First Flame from Dark Souls, and the setting of the world covered in ashes is identical to the Age of Ancients description from Dark Souls. Finally, Hyetta’s eyes melt when players obtain the Frenzied Flame Seal from her. The Firekeeper in Dark Souls 3 is also blind, and when they regain their vision, they talk about flames, which connects back to the Frenzied Flame.

The second theory  claims that the Age of Stars finale is tied to Bloodborne since it entails traveling beyond the Erdtree. Furthermore, given how crucial the moon is in Bloodborne, the fact that Ranni and Rennalla are focused on moon magic also suggests a link to Bloodborne.

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