Warzone Makes Players Get Stuck in the Bush

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Raven Software is working hard to prevent any changes in-game that might affect the experience of players as Season 2.5 of Warzone approaches. The game has had its difficulties since players’ arrival in Caldera, from invisible firearms to flying cars. It is safe to say that gamers were not happy at all.

Despite some cheating players giving free hacks to others in order to get an advantage in the game, Warzone continues to be a popular game, as many players are still looking forward to the mid-season upgrade. But there still are problems occurring. Despite the developer’s best efforts, some players are getting stranded in the bushes that cover the Pacific Island.

The glitch provides a bad gaming experience

When navigating the open areas of the game, bushes make excellent makeshift cover. A Reddit user found a bush to hide in when he needed to avoid an approaching enemy. The player quickly realized he couldn’t move once the coast was clear.

With no other option, the only option the player had was to stand in the flames of a Molotov Cocktail. After winning his Gulag, he found himself landing in the same location. We imagine it wasn’t that nice for him. While the majority of commenters mocked the terrible situation and the player, one other user from the community stated that Verdansk had similar issues.

Will they fix the problem with the bushes?

Although Raven Software has increased player interaction with the map, them being stuck or unable to climb specific rocks is still a major issue in Warzone. It’s unclear how many players deal with this problem, but if they are unable to leave from bushes in Caldera, they might meet other problems along the road, as well.

We’re hoping the problem will be solved soon.

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