GTA Online New DLC: What’s Happening With Dr. Dre?

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Rockstar has already talked about the content they will have for the GTA Online Winter Update. It might be just a small update to keep players interested until the Expanded & Enhanced Edition in 2022. Here is all you need to know about it.

The Contract comes with a new free DLC that will focus on Franklin Clinton from GTA 5 and on Dr. Dre. Clinton is working on a new “celebrity solutions agency” that only serves the elite and looks for solutions to high-society problems.
Franklin only needs two things: a good partner and a high-profile client. And you can help him with both. Help this business thrive.

In the meantime, DJ Pooh is trying to get in contact with Franklin about a potential client: Dr. Dre, his close friend. It turns out that Dr. Dre’s phone is not only lost, but it is in the hands of the enemy. And the phone has something very valuable: new and unreleased music from Dr. Dre himself. This might be exactly what the agency needs.

So when is the release date?

Grand Theft Auto Online The Contract will be released today, on the 15th of December.

Are there any new cars?

Yes, there are at least two new cars for this DLC: the Dewbauchee Champion and the Enus Jubilee. These are probably not the only ones, but we’re waiting to hear more soon.

Are there any new weapons?

Players will also get new weapons in the new DLC, a new Compact EMP Launcher and a Stun Gun.

About new businesses

We have learned that there will be two new business opportunities for players in the new launch. One of them is “The Agency”, maybe Clinton’s record label, and “The Armony”, but we don’t exactly know details about it.



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