GTA Online Hacks: How Being a Spectator Ruins the Gameplay

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Hackers are no strangers to GTA Online on PC, as it is considerably easier to cheat on this version of the game. However, the most recent hacking process appears to be pretty unusual. Players are not only harassed with spam invites, but they are also forced to sit in on other people’s games as spectators. And they cannot do anything about it.

How hackers manage to ruin gameplay for everyone

GTA Online is a multiplayer game that’s made to be played with friends. This entails a large number of people joining a single session, which might be public or private.

Gamers can also join a session and observe the other gamers in action. But players get annoyed if they are forced to do so and not actually allowed to play the game.

In the PC version of the game, a new hack has made its appearance, and fans are not happy. They are forced to join as spectators in another session after being thrown out of the one they were playing in.

Another PC hack, this time involving spam invites from compromised accounts, has been going on since last week. GTA Online players have been extremely frustrated as a result. It’s very difficult to play the game right now.

Fortunately, a user has developed an app that blocks all of the spam invites. It’s a next-generation firewall that can block the overlay notifications from Social Club.

You won’t be banned if you use the app, since it does not violate the terms of service of Rockstar. Some fans believe the giant does not care about its users. Usually, when something happens in-game, Rockstar releases a background update to fix it. And hacking happens a lot in the game, but Rockstar does not seem to say anything about it.

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