The Last of Us: Neil Druckmann Had a Lot to Say to a Disappointed Fan

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Naughty Dog Co-President, Neil Druckmann had a lot to say to a fan who complained about the change of Joel’s core values.

The Last of Us: Part II  has been here for a while, and fans are still finding some stuff they don’t like. The HBO’s The Last of Us series will be released later this year, which means that the game will remain in the spotlight for quite the time.

Fans have some elements they don’t like about the sequel, and Neil Druckmann wanted to set the record straight.

The story behind the feud

Joel is murdered by Abby, who is the daughter of a doctor that Joel killed at the end of the first game. One fan thought that Joel’s lack of awareness was not a great thing in the game. The fan has posted a meme comparing Joel in The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Part II. The meme pointed out that he was a survivor in the first game, who didn’t trust strangers, just so that he gets killed in the sequel when he walks into a lodge full of strangers.

Of course, Druckmann was not happy with the comparison. He stated that, first of all, Joel had no choice but to go into the lodge, or he and Tommy would have been killed by the zombies.

Second of all, he stated: “remember the stranger in the first game that Joel trusted and even fell asleep next to? Here’s a clue: he later left Joel and Ellie to die in order to protect his baby brother”. He is pointing out that Joel had blind trust in others from the very beginning.

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