Xbox Creator Compared Gaming to Masturbation and Nearly Got Fired

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If you want to read one of the most disgusting, amusing, and mocking comparisons regarding gaming, you should focus your attention on Seamus Blackley, who was part of the main Xbox team. It would sound awkward that such a comparison came from the mouth of one of the most renowned individuals when it comes to the gaming industry. But yes, it did.

More than two decades ago, Blackley made a comparison that almost got him fired. Once you read it, you’ll fully understand. But we’d be interested to know if you agree or not, so you can leave your thoughts on the subject within the comment section.

Seamus Blackley compared gaming to masturbation

How can gaming be similar to masturbation? Easy, according to Blackley’s words from 2001, according to

Gaming is like masturbation. Everybody does it, nobody wants to talk about it.

A quote from Dina Bass, a Bloomberg journalist, was pointed out. She replied to the person via Twitter and explained that Seamus deserves his credit.

Blackley is even sometimes called the father of Xbox. To read something like this about gaming itself from a person like Blackley is truly incredible and amusing at the same time.

As for how things go regarding Microsoft’s relationship with gaming nowadays, the Redmond-based company aims to buy Activision Blizzard for a staggering amount of money.

Phil Spencer, who’s CEO at Microsoft Gaming, declared via Microsoft’s website:

Players everywhere love Activision Blizzard games, and we believe the creative teams have their best work in front of them,

Together we will build a future where people can play the games they want, virtually anywhere they want.

We’re eagerly waiting to see what the future of Microsoft’s gaming world will look like! We’re assuming it will only be great news.

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