These Are the GTA 6 Leaks We Tend to Believe More

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GTA 6 has finally been revealed by Rockstar, and we cannot wait to get a trailer soon. But before we do that, do you remember how many leaks we’ve encountered along the way? And how many of them have been discovered in the game files of the GTA?

The game files of RDR2

“MISC AMERICAS SCRIPT STATS” has transformed into “AMERICAS”. Fans believe they did it since the codename for GTA 6 is Americas.

The modern weapons in RDR2 were also considered codes for GTA 6. Data miners also found codes related to parachutes there, and RDR2 does not have parachutes, so it might be a new addition for GTA 6.

Project Americas

We all know that GTA 6 is supposed to take place in Vice City, and fans already believe it’s true. But not all leakers agree with that. Tom Henderson thinks it’s going to be a modern-day setting, and not the 80s setting we all loved. But then this codename has appeared in RDR2 game files, which can prove that it might be the real deal for the new game.

Jason Schreier has a different opinion

Jason Schreier was the first person to reveal that Rockstar has started working on a new GTA title. He stated that the game will not be too large in the beginning, but that it will get bigger with later updates. It has been said that they’ve decided to do it this way, so they could avoid crunch time.

Leaks from different resumes

Many people in the industry have managed to leak GTA 6 in their resumes.

A stuntman has revealed he worked on both GTA 6 and RDR2. He posted some photos on Instagram, as well, with himself in a mocap gear. Soon, fans recognized it as Rockstar San Diego.

Another employee mentioned his work on creating vehicles in GTA 6

A music producer who has worked for more than four years at Rockstar. He has also revealed in his resume he worked on GTA 6.



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