Snapchat’s Real Time Location Sharing Feature Becomes Available

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Snapchat has been growing in popularity since the app’s release in 2011. It has received more attention from developers in recent years, and it’s interesting to see what the future has in store for those hundreds of millions of users.

According to CNN, Snapchat teamed up with It’s On Us to offer the chance of sharing real-time location, and the feature is currently being rolled out. It can obviously be seen as a safety measure, like knowing if your husband is cheating on you or not if both of you are using Snapchat.

Many options for sharing your location

The new feature offers the users the chance to share their real-time location in three ways: for 15 minutes, one hour, or for a maximum of eight hours. Ain’t that great?

Another amazing fact about Snapchat is that mainly, it started out as an app that’s focusing on sharing photos from one person to another. As for now, the ‘Stories’ feature plays a major role, as it can present events from a person’s life in a chronological way. Let’s not also forget about ‘Discover’, meaning the feature that allows brands to promote content through ads.

Last but not least, even though Snapchat is an amazing app, there are plenty of alternatives out there that can be just as satisfying: Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, Cluster, and so on. If you’re looking for apps that are focused on instant messaging, you should definitely give Instagram a try. Once seen as the main competitor for Facebook, Instagram now has an insane amount of users.

Feel free to tell us in a comment if you like using Snapchat or if you prefer other apps and why!

Snapchat remains available for Android devices, iPhones, as well as other gadgets that run on iOS.


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