Dragon Ball FighterZ: Bandai Namco Brings Great News

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During the almost four years that passed since its release, Dragon Ball FighterZ has proven to have been one of the most successful 2D games ever made. That’s not surprising at all, considering that the game features a lot of exciting aspects from the Dragon Ball universe.

The ‘Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour’ event has just ended, leaving behind some fans delighted by what they’ve seen. Gaming in general has evolved tremendously, and we had another proof for it.

Fans will always have reasons to enjoy playing DBFZ

Bandai Namco, the publisher of Dragon Ball Fighterz, recently released a statement that will surely delight many fans even more. If you’re fearing that the game will soon become obsolete in one way or another, well, fear no more! Here’s the statement, as NintendoLife.com quotes:

We’re currently considering a variety of events inside and outside of the game to ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy Dragon Ball FighterZ…Thank you for your continued support!

Here’s something that will become available in the game very soon, in just three days: the implementation of Android 21 wearing the Lab Coat. It seems to be a very special type of android, one that was never seen in the Dragon Ball Z anime along with the others. But in the game, it will be capable of some interesting stuff, such as competing with Cell in terms of raw power:

If we remember back in the old days of the ‘Z’ anime, Cell represented the pinnacle of what the Red Ribbon Army had to offer best. He was terrifyingly strong for that time, and Goku and Gohan had a lot to improve to compete with him.

We’re eagerly waiting to see what Dragon Ball FighterZ will bring for us in the near future, as there are surely great things up ahead!

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