Samsung’s New Mobile Wallet App Aims to Replace Your Physical Wallet

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Carrying a bulky wallet around each time you leave the house isn’t exactly our best idea of comfort in 2022. Physical money is disappearing more and more, leaving room for the digital ones. Of course, you may think that so much comfort isn’t exactly necessary, but who cares when the majority wants to go cashless? That’s how democracy works, whether we like it or not.

Samsung joins the effort to eliminate physical money, at least temporarily. The South Korean tech giant launched its own version of a virtual wallet a few days ago, and it has announced the move since February.

Samsung Wallet becomes available

CNET brings the news about Samsung’s new digital wallet app called Samsung Wallet. People can use it for storing boarding passes, digital keys, credit cards, and even ID cards.

For the creation of the Samsung Wallet, the South-Korean behemoth has actually fused two other services: Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass. While Samsung Pay was meant for storing vaccine records and payment cards, Samsung Pass can manage login credentials for various other apps and websites.

Jeanie Han, who is EVP and Head of Digital Life, MX Business at Samsung, stated as quotes:

Samsung Wallet is bringing a new level of everyday convenience to mobile devices with a totally safe and secure environment for storing digital keys, cards, and more. As a part of our ongoing commitment to open ecosystems, we will continue to expand on the capabilities of Samsung Wallet by working closely with our trusted partners and developers.

Are you happy about the idea of using Samsung Wallet? Would you ever be willing to go cashless? Have you tried out the app already? Feel free to tell us below by leaving us a comment! We would be delighted to find out what you think!

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