Dying Light 2: Everything You Need To Know About Healing

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Basic medicine is the first healing remedy you’ll learn in Dying Light 2. We’re not debating semantics here; the drug works more like bandages. Aiden must collect the proper components, make medication, and then “apply” it to regain HP in each case. While medication is Aiden’s main (and immediate) source of healing, Dying Light 2 offers a variety of different healing options.

  • Campfires may be used to rejuvenate your health with only a little perseverance and a sharp eye. You’ll notice these book-like marks on your compass while exploring Villedor, indicating a campfire. Enter the survivors’ circle and take a seat with them to slowly regain HP. It might take a while, particularly if you’ve spent a lot of money on health enhancements. Campfires, on the other hand, are the greatest method to regain HP without using your supplies or searching for a safe zone.
  • Medical supplies for the military. In Dying Light 2, military medkits are the finest restorative item. Unfortunately, you won’t locate any until late in the play, and even then, they won’t be plentiful. Military medkits may be earned as mission prizes or discovered when investigating GRE stations. Throughout the epilog, they’re numerous, so open any medical cabinet you find to restock. Military medkits are used in the same manner as any other consumable. Unlike medication, these medkits heal Aiden almost instantly and restore all of his HP. They are consumables of the artifact tier.
  • Safe zones. Aiden occasionally just needs a decent night’s rest. Sleeping throughout the day or night restores all of Aiden’s Health when you’re short on HP, don’t want to waste resources, and can’t locate a campfire. Don’t want to go out late at night? There is no need to be concerned. Simply wait until the next morning to resume in the same place. Aiden may take as many rests as he wants since no objectives in Dying Light 2 depend on time.
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