Back 4 Blood: Do We Have a Release Date for Nintendo Switch?

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Are we finally getting Back 4 Blood on Nintendo Switch? We have written this article to tell you everything about it.

Back 4 Blood is a cooperative first-person shooter made by Turtle Rock Studios. It was published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Back 4 Blood was released on the 8th of October, 2021, and fans were thrilled to get to know the exiting world. The game comes with different modes: a solo mode, campaign mode, and a PvP mode. You are free to be the zombie yourself. After playing for a while, some people stated that the game is way too hard, and some found it impossible to play it. And it seems that Turtle Rock Studios is working hard to find a solution for that problem – they need to find a balance, and find it fast, so that everyone can actually enjoy playing it.

The trailer is everything we have expected, and it is exactly what we needed to convince ourselves that this is a masterpiece. Check it out here:

The game is available on plenty of the platforms from the market, but what about Nintendo Switch?

Are we finally getting Back 4 Blood on Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no. For now, at least. Turtle Rock Studios hasn’t said a thing about the game being on Nintendo Switch. But it is available on Xbox consoles, PS4, PS5, and PC.

Is it available on Xbox Game Pass?

Fortunately, the answer for this one is yes. With a Game Pass, Back 4 Blood is free to play.


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