Developers Hint At Terraria 2 A New Age

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Terraria enthusiasts, gather in one place. It seems as if we are finally receiving some information regarding the long-awaited sequel to the game, which is great news. Terraria is a sandbox game that you should be familiar with if you like playing them. After a decade after its first release, the game has maintained its position as one of the most popular games in the genre.

A Twitter user by the name of chippygaming unearthed a quite fascinating teaser from one of the Terraria game’s designers. Terraria 2 – A New Age has been included as a location in the Twitter profile of redigit, the author of the game Terraria redigit. This is the first time we’ve received a big teaser about the game from the creators, which seems to indicate that we might be on the verge of hearing anything about it soon.

For those who are unfamiliar with the situation, the successor to Terraria has been in production in some form or another for quite some time. Although it was first revealed in 2013, there have been a lot of adjustments to the plan since then. It was previously announced that redigit would be working on Terraria: Overworld prior to Terraria, but things did not turn out the way the creators had hoped for. The spinoff, which was meant to include aspects of strategy and roleplaying, was ultimately scrapped.

Later, the redigit returned to Terraria development, with plans for a sequel being announced as recently as January of this year. Since then, there has been complete and utter quiet around the title. While this has been going on, we’ve seen some significant modifications to the original title appear on our screens. The most recent development doesn’t reveal anything about the title’s release date or what we may anticipate from it in the future. In any case, it does imply that we may be seeing some type of announcement on this game in the near future.

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