FIFA 23 Release Date: Everything We Know

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With FIFA 22 drawing to a conclusion after the summer of 2018, the release of FIFA 23 is getting closer and closer. Due to the fact that this will be the last iteration to bear the FIFA moniker before EA Sports FC takes over the series, enormous expectations have been placed on the next FIFA.

Outside of gameplay elements like as cross-platform play and leaks of new cards, EA hasn’t revealed a lot of information on FIFA 23, thus yet. The middle of the summer is typically when Electronic Arts starts to provide details about the new FIFA title, including the date on which the game will be made available to consumers. The following is the anticipated launch date for FIFA 23.

Launch date

The release date of FIFA 22 was September 27th, 2021. With the exception of FIFA 21, which was delayed because to the COVID-19 outbreak, EA publishes a new installment of FIFA every September. Early access often occurs at the start of September, while ratings for players are typically published during the month of August.

On the basis of what has happened in recent years, we may anticipate FIFA 23 being released in the month of September, most likely between the 14th and the 24th. It is anticipated that the beta version of the game will become available one week before the full release of the game. We do not anticipate that another delay would cause the release date of the game to be pushed back, as it happened with FIFA 21.

The only way to find out when the game will be available is to wait for EA Sports to make the announcement, which will most likely take place around the beginning of August.

FIFA becomes EA Sports FC

In December of 1993, FIFA International Soccer made its debut on the Mega Drive. Since then, the game has grown to become the most popular sports simulator in the whole world. However, this is the last edition in the series to be created by EA.

After the year 2023, Electronic Arts’ football video games will be known as EA Sports FC from then on. However, the name FIFA will continue to be used for video games for the foreseeable future. The governing body of the sport confidently asserts that its next titles will be even greater than anything that EA has to offer in this regard.

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