All Star Tower Defense Working Codes For November 2022

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To defend your tower utilizing an all-star lineup of characters from various animes and mangas is the primary purpose of the wildly popular Roblox game All Star Tower Defense (ASTD). Have you been searching for the most recent All Star Tower Defense codes to get free gems and other rewards? One of the longest-running and most popular games on Roblox is All Star Tower Defense, a tower defense game in which the “towers” are represented by characters from well-known anime. Some of these individuals are far more powerful than others; if you want to make it through the onslaught of foes, you should recruit the strongest characters you can find.

You can use gems to summon new characters into the game. All Star Tower Defense codes are the most convenient way to acquire gems, while there are other methods. Each of the above-listed codes will grant you access to a substantial amount of free gems, allowing you to immediately begin summoning a wide variety of new and potent characters.

Working Codes

  • stardustupdate- 5000 Gems
  • newstarcode- 90 Stardust
  • Hooray50k- 400 Gems
  • ASTDDragonoidBakugan- Dragonoid Mount
  • 2yearanniversary – 100 Stardust, 10 EXP IV, 10,000 Gems (for those level 40+)
  • 1millikes- 650 Gems, EXP IV

All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) code redemption instructions

  • Here are the easy steps to redeeming your code in All Star Tower Defense:
  • When you’re inside ASTD, click the cog icon in the lower right.
  • When the new window appears, click where it says “Enter Code,” and paste in the valid code.
  • If the promotion code is valid, you won’t have to do anything to get your freebie.
  • The code will remain in the text box regardless of whether or not it is successful.

Since most Roblox developers don’t release their codes on a set timetable but rather whenever they feel like it, the timing of when new codes will become available can be erratic. Checking this website, the ASTD Discord server, or the ASTD Twitter account frequently is the easiest method to keep up with the latest codes. Those social media platforms are generally the first to publish codes before they are made publically available elsewhere.

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