Fortnite Will Be Featuring Tom Holland and Nathan Drake Skins Very Soon

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What would you choose between Fortnite and Uncharted? It would surely be a tough decision to make, and maybe that’s why Epic Games decided to bring some new skins of iconic Uncharted characters to Fortnite. “Why not both?,” they seem to say.

According to The Verge, the Uncharted crossover will be available for Fortnite players starting Thursday, February 17. What’s perhaps the best news is that the main Nathan Drake character, as well as Chloe Frazer, will start doing their thing in Fortnite while being in both movie and video game forms.

Here’s part of Fortnite’s description of the update:

Based on the Uncharted film by Sony Pictures and video game franchise by PlayStation’s Naughty Dog studio Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer are dropping on the Fortnite Island to stash a different kind of loot.

Though the Island’s a place Nathan Drake has yet to explore, that should be no issue for this unparalleled adventurer (especially when treasure’s involved).

The same source reveals that those who are willing to get their hands on the Nathan Drake Outfit will benefit from both the default Style based on the new movie as well as the style based on the Uncharted 4 game. The player can even switch between them in the locker.

A similar thing happened to the Chloe Frazer Outfit. Players will get the default and No Jacket Styles that are based on the movie and also the style present in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Players will also get the chance to choose between the styles in the locker.

The last crossover in Fortnite was also worthy of attention, as it featured other important names. The Rock and Bruno Mars are just two of them. This can only mean that we can expect more crossovers to come to Fortnite in the near future!


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