Minecraft: Aren’t Slime Blocks and Honey Blocks the Same Thing?

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If you’ve just started playing Minecraft, you might think that the slime blocks and the honey blocks are one and the same. It’s true, they do have several things in common, but they are different. They both come with different functions, benefits, and they don’t look alike. They are very useful, but they are made differently, and you should know the differences between them.

So what do they have in common?

The slime blocks, as well as the honey blocks, seem to be made out of the same material. But they are not, and it is important to remember that. They also have the same use, and they are the best for erasing fall damages. When you fall onto a honey block, you won’t get as hurt as you’d expect from other kinds of blocks. If you fall onto a smile block, well, you’ll bounce, and there will be no fall damage at all.

They both slow down the mobs but keep in mind that honey blocks make it even slower.

How are they different?

For a slime block, you will need nine slime balls, which you’ll get from killing slimes. And they are rare in Minecraft. For a honey block, you will need four honey bottles, and you can get them from a honeycomb.

Entities from the surface of a honey block will be moved with it – if they are moved by a piston. They won’t get in another direction, and they are not pushed by something else. But things change when using slime blocks – nothing happens. This is how they are used with Redstone.

Slime blocks are transparent, and honey blocks aren’t.

Whether you choose slime blocks and honey blocks, you’re bound to have a lot of fun playing Minecraft.


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