Genshin Impact Tester Broke NDA, Fined With Over $70k

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miHoYo has just released the Genshin Impact Version 2.5 Private Beta Test, and it seems that one of the players was fined because they shared details about the gameplay.

As you probably already know, those who take part in the Genshin Impact Private Beta Test must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. miHoYo does not want anything leaked, so players are forbidden from sharing any kind of information, including gameplay, screenshots, or impressions.

So what’s the story?

A Chinese beta tester was banned and fined over $78,000 for leaking the gameplay. People started to glue the pieces together, and this might actually be the story behind the new Weekly Boss gameplay leak. The player gave a friend a recording of the gameplay. And then, that friend leaked the video to the public.

Most of the Beta Test leaks do not come from Beta players who signed an NDA. People are too afraid to leak details. Most of the leaks come from data miners and leakers who didn’t sign an NDA. They usually can access the Beta client or data in some way.

How did miHoYo find out about the leak?

miHoYo has plenty of ways to catch leakers – inputs and tracking number data, to name a few. miHoYo records all the things that the player does in-game, so they know everything. Including how many apples were picked up in a certain week – remember the published data? Also, players can get access to their own Spiral Abyss history, and they can also see the damage numbers. So any leak can be easily traceable.

So, in a nutshell, do not break NDA’s, not even more the closest people.

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