Genshin Impact: Fans Are Not Happy With the Paimon Dialogue

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Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games out there right now. Great characters, many dialogues, and backstories. But how much dialogue is too much? Apparently, the Paimon dialogue was, indeed, too much for fans.

As you know, miHoYo takes seriously all kinds of feedback, and they do changes in no time. Remember the anniversary backlash? That led to a lot of changes. And now, it’s time for another one.

Why fans are mad

Reddit users have talked about their frustrations openly. Apparently, the Paimon dialogue takes away all of the attention from Aether and Lumine – the Traveler of the game. Paimon’s role explains a lot from the plot, and it helps you, indeed, but the dialogue is just too much. The best stories of the games allow the player to think about the possible explanations of the plots. But this is not the case with Paimon. The explanation from that dialogue makes you take it as it is, without actually thinking about it. A specific post about this has more than 8000 upvotes, and many players agree. They also say that a turn it off action would make the quests better.

Some argue that the game is too difficult for children, but only 27% of the players are less than 25, so that’s not necessarily the case. Skipping the dialogue might be a good idea, as they give a summary anyway. But this summary can be found in the quest menu, so it makes a lot of sense just to turn off the dialogue.

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game that was made by miHoYo, and it was published in 2020. The game uses magical elements and character-switching.

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