Warzone Cheating Might Not Be a Problem Anymore, After All

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We all know how Warzone is full of cheaters. The game was released in March 2020, and players have found ways to cheat the system through third-party software. They’re doing so to gain an advantage over their in-game enemies.

Caldera map is here and the gaming studio has also released the Ricochet anti-cheat feature. Activision is confident they will get rid of cheaters once and for all.

Season 2 is progressing, and it seems that the number of cheaters is actually increasing. So now, the team behind the anti-cheat system has come with an update. They are saying that the levels of cheating in Warzone are at an “all-time low.”

About the update

Team Ricochet stated that they’d reported a significant drop of in-game cheating, and fair players are very happy. We couldn’t wait for the team to finally take action. The team has also revealed that those who are suspected of cheating will not deal damage during matches, which will finally make the gameplay enjoyable.

Of course, Activision is pretty happy with the progress, but some players are already criticizing the anti-cheat, saying it fails to actually catch hackers, and that the matches are pretty much unplayable.

It’s quite clear that Ricochet is fighting this war against cheaters with powerful weapons, but they still have some work to do in order to prevent the cheating from getting to Verdansk.

What are the chances we’re getting rid of cheaters once and for all?

We know it’s very difficult to completely get rid of Warzone cheaters, and the situation has gotten out of control a very long time ago. There are still plenty of anti-cheat updates rolling out, and the number of cheaters is now minimal, which makes Warzone a relatively cheat-free experience for those playing Caldera and Rebirth Island.


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