Call of Duty Vanguard Season 1 Reloaded: We Finally Learned More About It

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Call of Duty Vanguard Season 1 will end soon, which means that the company is preparing for Season 1 Reloaded. Mid-season updates will come with new content, which will include new weapons, new Operators, and probably new multiplayer maps.

Besides all the new content, players are hoping that developers will solve some issues present in the game, all the glitches, and bugs that had a negative impact on the gameplay. Here is all you need to know about Season 1: Reloaded

Release date

Sledgehammer Games did not confirm a release date for Season 1 Reloaded yet, but the mid-season update will be available starting with the 11th of January.

The maps

It’s usual now that mid-season updates come with new maps. And since the game has some glitches, we now know that Casablanca is available, which will probably be one of the new additions to the game.


Season 1 came with Francis and Lewis as the new Operators in the game. But there’s a certain third member of Taskforce Trident, Isabella, who will probably make her appearance in Season 1 reloaded.


Fans were not happy with Der Anfang, with the Outbreak mode that initially appeared in Black Ops Cold War. We don’t know what Treyarch has planned for us, but we do hope that we’ll get new interesting quests as part of the new update.


It’s quite unusual that Sledgehammer Games and Activision didn’t say a word about the guns and weapons, as they usually do before the mid-season update. We have heard a rumor, though, about the Welgun making its appearance, but we will be here to give you updates as soon as we learn more.

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