Genshin Impact: Who Is Collei?

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It seems that Genshin Impact had added a new character to the game. Her name is Collei, but how helpful is she, really?

Collei has appeared in the manga series. The series has been on since 2018, and the game version was announced on the 8th of June, 2019. She appeared in Chapter 2 of the manga series. She actually is the protagonist, as the story revolves around her. So we believe it makes a lot of sense for her to appear in the game. According to the manga events, she’s supposed to be in Sumeru. This is the next location to be added to the game.

Is this character playable?

Data miner Dimbreath has stated that there is, indeed, data about Collei in the files of the Genshin Impact Version 2.5’s Beta Test.: “[2.5 – Beta] Collei: They left an entry about one of Collei Elemental Burst gadgets. There’s not much more information about this that I have dug of so far.”

Let’s not celebrate just yet, this does not mean that Collei will be playable soon. Shenhe, who was just released some time ago, was one of the characters found in the files over a year ago.

Also, every Genshin Impact character that can be played by fans has either a Vision or a special occasion that allows them to use Elemental Power – as it happens with Archon. In the manga series, Collei does not have a Vision, and she’s not an Archon either. But the action there is taking place months before the arrival of the Traveler in Mondstadt. So it is possible she has received Vision in the meantime.

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