Call of Duty Vanguard Season 1: Warzone’s Pacific Map Is Smaller Than Expected

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Vanguard Season One and the Warzone Pacific updates are just two weeks away, and we’re itching to play on the new Caldera map.  Although Call of Duty fans are excited to play on a new Warzone map, Caldera, after 2 years of Verdansk, there are still many unanswered questions concerning the size of the map.

Activision has released images of Caldera, but has not discussed the map’s overall size compared to Warzone’s existing Pacific map, Verdansk. The game’s community has estimated that Caldera will be roughly the same size as Verdansk.

Event map versus original map

Although the original map appeared to be smaller than the one being shown during the “Secrets of The Pacific” event, Ubisoft has since posted an image of the map that appears larger in size compared to the one we’ll be getting come December 8th.

However, we’ve already seen the final map, which was posted on Twitter right here, and it looks like the new event will feature a smaller version of the Caldera map. The map seen in the Secrets of The Pacific event appears to be a prototype of the actual Caldera, which was released a couple expansions later. There are several key differences between these two maps, namely one being tubular water bodies running through the top.

“Looks like the final version of Caldera is quite different from this one seen in the Secrets of the Pacific #Warzone event. 👀🤔

Previous leaks from @VGC_News stated the island was larger than Verdansk. Seems like these were true and the island was reduced in size over time,” reads the tweet.

Release date for season 1

Activision has announced that it will release Zombies maps, game modes, weapons, and other content for Season 1 of Vanguard on December 8th.




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