Halo Infinite’s New Update Will Solve All of Our Problems

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Halo Infinite has already got to the half of Season One’s Heroes of Reach, and there is a new update coming, that’s bound to fix all of the issues.

343 Industries has talked about all of the changes in a blog post. The update will focus on performance and stability problems which have been a problem in the game’s multiplayer and the campaign ever since it was launched.

Even if numerous fixes have been issued, the next update to come will solve the problems with Halo’s story mode. Moreover, the achievements collected by you will be more apparent.

They will also add a “quick resume” feature: “We’ll see multiple improvements in the Campaign experience. Whether it’s addressing issues with Achievements unlocking or returning to the game via Quick Resume, the team has been working on a handful of fixes for the campaign since launch, and there will be more on the way.”

Many fans have talked about numerous concerns about the pop-ins and the frame drops in the Infinite’s multiplayer. The gaming studio has addressed these problems, and the fixes will come in the new update for both PC and Xbox.

Big Team Battle will also extend its motion tracker range from 18 to 24m.

Anti-cheat has also been a very popular topic to discuss ever since Infinite was launched, and 343 Industries has promised to talk more about it soon.

The mid-season update will be here on the 24th of February.

There was another patch released just a few weeks ago, which has addressed some connection issues and desync lagging. Another patch has solved the matchmaking problems, and the heavy vehicle spawning thing.


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