Minecraft: 4 Biomes and Why You Need a Lot of Strength in Survival Mode

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  1. Swamp
  2. Desert
  3. Ice Spikes
  4. Badlands

We all know that Minecraft worlds created with default settings will come with plenty of particular biomes. Every region of the world comes with its own unique features.

The Survival mode is perhaps the most played game mode in Minecraft. Of course, some of the biomes will help you get all the essential items you need, while others will make you wish you didn’t survive.

These are all of the biomes in Minecraft survival that will make your life harder:


This one is not only hard, but it’s also dull. And a bit boring. Everything here is discolored, including water. Have you ever seen discolored water? The witch hut is generated here, though, so that’s a good thing. But other than that, there’s nothing really…good about it.

3/10, we really don’t like discolored water.


It is safe to say that this one is not that bad, but you still have to stay away from it. There are no trees, or cows, or sheep, and nothing seems to be helpful around here. Trees are essential, especially in your first days in the survival world. You get wood and sticks, which you need for tools and weapons. You don’t really make progress, and you will struggle to find a way out of this nightmare.

5/10, dude, we need trees.

Ice Spikes

Yup. You heard that right. The entire ground is made out of spikes. And not any kind of spikes, but ice spikes. This place is full of polar bears. You can even find rabbits. But no essential items – there’s no wood there. How are you planning to live without wood? You also can’t collect things from mobs since there are only two mobs spawn here, and that’s not really enough.

-20/10, brr it’s cold here.


This place is made out of terracotta blocks, but at least they come in different colors. The good thing is that they also have more gold than any other biome. But there are no passive mobs here, nor trees, water, or grass. You can only say a prayer and ask for such things. But there’s no God to listen, and you’re by yourself.

1/10, please find a God to take care of you.


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