Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 79 Is Almost Here!

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Dragon Ball Z was, as long as we can recall, among the most popular anime shows which kept our early life amazing. Now that the years have passed, the title and chronology of this anime have also evolved. The present Dragon Ball series timelines is named  Dragon Ball Super. And, as its forerunners, this one has gained a lot of attention. So, now that Chapter 78 is out, we are anticipating the next Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79, although with the hours flying by, we only have a couple extra days till it is out!

Release date

The public release of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 is set for December 20th 2021.

For those who prefer to catch up online,  you can view Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 on Viz.com or Manga Plus with cost, but if you are a smartphone user, you can view it on the Tachiyomi application.


The narrative for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 is anticipated to be interesting.
Gas is expected to advise killing the Namekians, Saiyans, and Granola in the next Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79. The chapter will depict Gas assaulting Goku and Granola, easily defeating Granola.

Previous chapter recap

We already saw the continuation of the plot regarding Goku’s father, the royal of Saiyan, Bardock, in Chapter 78. Goku and Granola are listening to their father’s story in this part. Granola was too naive and inexperienced at the moment to realize what was going on around him. His mother was stalked by Saiyan Gorillas, but she was saved during the hunt. Therefore , she and her son Granola were the only Cerealians left.

He will further reveal the background of the Heeters, who stormed the planets and killed Muezl, in the preceding part. Monato, the only surviving Namekian, was forgiven and proceeded to meet with the Grand Elder Namekian to claim the Dragon Ball. Sadly, the Grand Elder died as a direct result of the attackers as well.

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