Dr. Stome Chapter 223: When Is It Coming Out And Where Can You Read It?

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We’re going to speak about Doctor Stone Chapter 223 in this article. The final chapter of Doctor Stone was thrilling since it revealed facts about a great warrior who is present, which every fan is eager to learn about. What is the name of the great fighter we’ll meet in the following chapter?

We saw in the previous chapter somebody is approaching the location and attempting to identify who the famous warrior would be. As of now, their body appears to be made of stone, and we may presume that the statue will be woken by some manner or another. If you’ve not seen the manga or heard any facts about it, we encourage that you do so. That’s because in this article¬† As a result, we’re going to be sharing some spoilers, so proceed carefully.

When is Chapter 223 going to be released and where can you read it?

New Dr Stone chapters are only issued every Sunday, thus Dr Stone Chapter 223 should be out on the 19th of December unless there are any modifications to the launch date. Given that the Christmas season is approaching, it’s possible that it could be postponed as well, but let’s hope not, since fans have been anticipating it. Whenever it comes to the festive season, there is a good likelihood that the Manyam manga may be postponed or published after the holidays. However, one can still await for it since it will be fantastic.

There are several popular websites and premium services that allow you to view manga in high-definition. However, while there are certain free sources, we do not advocate reading it from them because they may include harmful code that will harm your machine. One point to bear in mind is that Dr Stone Chapter 223 will only be released on December 19th.



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