Propnight: How Much Does It Cost And When Will You Be Able To Play It?

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Propnight, a new 4v1 horror game, has been widely anticipated by DBD fans. However, many wonder whether they will have to pay in order to play it. Propnight is an upcoming horror multiplayer game akin to Dead by Daylight and VHS in which participants form a gang of four to perform a mission while being pursued by a murderer.

The survivors in this title, in particular, have the ability to transform into props, which is a fairly big surprise. Prop hunting has proven to be a successful game option throughout time, and Fntastic’s devs certainly agreed.

Along with several others, we are ecstatic to try out this new game, albeit we still have a series of doubts about pricing and a launch date. Continue reading to learn just what you have to understand!

Release date

Just at moment of typing, Fntastic, the title’s creator, had just uploaded a video on Twitter announcing the launch date and hour.

Propnight will be released on November 30 at 10 a.m. PST, according to this trailer.


Propnight’s Steam website has yet to list a price, leaving many fans wondering if the title will be available without paying for it.

If you are one of the many who hoped this would be the truth, you will be disappointed. The creators have claimed that Propnight would be ‘reasonably priced’ in a variety of locations, including Discord, through FAQs.

According to the fans, the pricing range will be about $19.99, however, others have suggested $29.99 owing to the tremendous quality of the game based on what has been shown thus far.


If you’re looking for a fun multiplayer experience, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on Propnight. It might be the underdog, but it packs more than enough of a punch. We’re awaiting the game’s release to get more details about this title.

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