Destiny 2 Nightfall: What Happens This Week?

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Destiny 2’s Nightfalls is known to be one of the toughest content from the game, and they are the best thing to happen in the weekly reset of the game. And if you want to boost your power level during the Season of the Lost, then we’re here to help you out. You can easily level up Season 16 when Witch Queen makes her appearance next year.

Here is all you need to know about this week’s Nightfall.

First things first: what are nightfall strikes?

Nightfall Strikes are high-level PvE activities. Three Guardians are put against a harder variant of the game’s Strike levels, and they will need to use modifiers.

In total, there are five difficulties, and each has increased modifiers and a score multiplier, as well. So, in a nutshell, if the game is difficult, the points you earn for kills are bigger in number. And if you hit a score of 100,000 points, you will get an additional Pinnacle reward. It seems easy, right? The problem is that, after 15 minutes, you will start earning 50% less points, and after 18 minutes, you will start losing them.

What this week has prepared for us

The Nightfall Strike this week takes place from February 15 to February 22, and it’s Lake of Shadows.


  • The Hothead Rocket Launcher (Arc Weapon)
  • Hung Jury Scout Rifle (Kinetic Weapon)

Keep in mind that if you complete a Grandmaster Nightfall, then you could win an Adept version of these two weapons.



  • Empath comes with an enhanced radar, and takes increased damage from melee.


  • Champions – Unstoppable, that comes with unstoppable champions, that cannot be stopped without an Unstoppable mod.
  • Champions – Overload, that comes with Overload Champions, that cannot be stopped without an Overload mod.
  • Champions – Taken: that comes with both Overload and Unstoppable Champions, that cannot be stopped without an Overload or Unstoppable mod.
  • Grask’s Bile has incoming environmental damage increased, and knockback damage and distance increased.


  • Equipment Locked: You won’t be able to change your equipment after this one starts.
  • Match Game: Enemy shields are highly resistant


  • Famine: All ammunition drops are significantly reduced.
  • Champions – Mob: This mode contains additional Champions.


  • Epitaph: Taken combatants generate blight geysers when defeated.
  • Chaff: The radar is disabled.
  • Extinguish: If your fire team falls in a Restricted Zone, everyone is returned to orbit.
  • Limited Revives: The limited fireteam revives, and you can gain additional revives by defeating Champions.



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