GTA 6: Should We Believe Everything We See on the Internet?

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There are so many leaks on the internet about this topic, but it’s the only thing that we have. Rockstar Games hasn’t said anything about GTA 6 yet, and we are still waiting for an official statement.  GTA V was released eight years ago, so we really need GTA VI.

If the rumours are true, then the game has prepared a lot for us. Of course, nothing is confirmed yet, but let’s just see which are the most likely leak to happen. The internet is full of fake rumours, but some may be real. Credible sources are out there, telling us which leaks we will also see in the new game.

Why are there so many fake rumors on the internet?

The GTA community is full of eager fans, and millions of players have played the various titles from the series. When the company decides to release GTA 6, the world will probably end. So there’s a lot of hype, and, needless to say, people start to speculate. People start to make fake cover arts, and that’s how fake rumours start.

If the leaks come from trusted sources, we can, of course, take them into consideration, but we should still wait for the company to make an official statement.

Even if Rockstar Games had a bad start with the GTA Trilogy, they are trying their best to make it up to us. They are releasing updates to make the gameplay better. So as of now, we need to give them time to solve this problem.

We are sure that when they decide to release GTA VI, they will be sure of all of the aspects, and that now they are working on making it unforgettable.



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