Halo Infinite Shop: Deals for 21 November

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Halo Infinite has been a great success for everyone. From developers to players, everyone loves it. And it always prepares amazing surprises for us. One of them is the shop.

As you probably already know, the Halo Infinite shop comes with plenty of stuff to use. The cosmetic items are a must. The shop refreshes every week, but every day it has spotlight deals. There are also Championship items, cosmetics that are themed with esports teams.

The Halo Infinite shop refreshes weekly, Tuesdays at 10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. EST/6 p.m. GMT. Keep in mind that you can get some cosmetics only with XP and if you raise your Battle Pass level.

The Zvezda Armor Set bundle – 2000 credits

  • Zvezda helmet
  • Cooling Unit chest armor
  • Bleached Bone armor coating
  • Stay Hydrated stance
  • Droctulf helmet attachment
  • Interrupt Visor
  • Type RG knee pads
  • Viator left shoulder pad
  • Viator right shoulder pad

The A259 bundle – 1500 credits

  • Pilchuk Bumper vehicle model
  • Multiple coating colors and emblems

Boost Pack and Swap – 200 credits

  • 2 XP boost
  • 2 Challenge swap

Vigilant Sniper bundle – 1000 credits – daily special

  • Fossilized Tree stance
  • Orange Chestnut weapon coating
  • Vigilance nametag background

Intrusion Pack – 500 credits – daily special

  • Facelift helmet attachment
  • Sandlift Gulley armor coating
  • Hampus left shoulder pad

As we have already told you, the shop also has Championship range.

  • Navi – 1,000 credits
  • G2 Esports – 1,000 credits
  • Eunited – 1,000 credits
  • Spacestation gaming – 1,000 credits
  • FNatic – 1,000 credits
  • Cloud – 1,000 credits
  • Sentinels – 1,000 credits
  • Team Envy – 1,000 credits
  • Faze Clan – 1,000 credits

You should know that there are also four sets of emblems and coating. Each bundle comes with three emblems, armor coating, and a visor.

  • Europe bundle – 900 credits
  • North America bundle – 900 credits
  • Latin America bundle – 900 credits
  • ANZ bundle – 900 credits
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