Fortnite: Star Wars Boba Fett Will Be The Next Addition

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Epic Games manages to obtain major cross-promotional items for its battle royale game Fortnite, with a popular Star Wars face set to debut next month. While other Star Wars avatars are currently accessible in Fortnite, this living legend has the potential to become the most beloved.

Boba Fett, a popular Star Wars hero, will be making his Fortnite debut next month, according to Epic Games and IGN. On December 24, also known as Disney Plus Day, the renowned Star Wars bounty hunter will be introduced to the Fortnite item market. The skin will be included in a package, and it will be available at 7 p.m. EST.

Despite the fact that Epic Games has stated that Boba Fett will be entering the Fortnite roster shortly, the graphic used to advertise the skin featured a more well figure. Fennec Shand, who appears in The Mandalorian, is seated on the right on the Boba Fett throne. Shand was photographed with a Fortnite Shield Potion in the advertising shot.

The presence of Fennec Shand in the Fortnite promotional picture depicting Boba Fett might hint at something more that will be released alongside the Star Wars makeover. Whenever Boba Fett is introduced to Fortnite, the holographic in Shand’s hand might be an Emote that lights the Mythosaur emblem, since major skins are notorious for coming in packages with other Fortnite items like Emotes, Tools, and so on.

Kylo Ren, Rey, and an Imperial Stormtrooper are among the other prominent Star Wars characters who have skins in Fortnite. Fans of Fortnite formerly had access to a Mythic light sword that came in a variety of colors and dealt a lot of harm. J. J. Abrams, the filmmaker of the Star Wars films, has already been in Fortnite at an event to reveal a video from one of the movies.

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